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МАКРОСИCТЕМА: Программа развития бизнес системы
По данным газеты "Деловой Петербург" 10% выручки аудиторско-консалтинговых компаний Санкт-Петербурга приходится на стратегический консалтинг. Такие данные получены в результате исследования ГК "Консалтум".
Новый проект: Разработка стратегии компании, производящей металлоконструкции. Состав работ по проекту: • Анализ текущего положения компании; • Выявление возможных вариантов развития компаний и выбор оптимального направления; • Разработка плана развития.
Стратегический менеджмент - это не... набор инструкций. Это аналитическое мышление и эффективное использование ресурсов. (Питер Друкер)


        New Strategy is created in order that in the process of growth of companies, to strengthen such their qualities as, purposefulness and sequence, instrumental in not only the increase of turns and income, to the scope of markets but also corporate development, finding companies – Clients of status public, attractive, high-quality a company, companies - leaders. In an aggregate, all these efforts, designed  as a plan of actions, it is possible to describe as strategy of development.

         Development and realization of strategy – labour intensive and responsible project. Our company concentrates forces and facilities exceptionally in this area. Our key jurisdictions develop in those directions which are straight related to development and realization of strategy.

        A task of development of strategy is a task top level control system, the decision of which opens possibilities in the field of optimization of biznes-processov, organizational structure, administrative account, application of IT - decisions.

         We united with the stated below point of view, which perceive as our insistent recommendation: "Begin with development strategy, then perfection of control system will be accepted by more clear and expedient character".

Our services

1.     Development of corporate and business - strategies.

2.     Organizational development. Realization of strategy, as a rule, requires changes in an organizational structure.

3.     Management changes. Change of organizational structure, going near activity, as a rule, require the adequate account of emotional and personality conduct of employees in the period of changes.

4.     Corporate management. The system of strategic management requires the presence of effective organs of management with the effective system of division of plenary powers between them (especially in holdings structures), which provide forwardness and continuity of strategic management.

     So, we offer jointly with you, as with target Audience of our company, to realize a project on one of  directions or combination of a few directions.